Bible Study

In Step With Jesus

90:second videos of Seventh-day Adventist 28 Fundamental Beliefs are available online at the NAD’s “My Way to Jesus” site. There you can send a prayer request, enroll in the Discover Bible Course, or watch a video. For people who prefer to talk with someone a phone connection to Adventist Information Ministry is listed, where people can chat with someone about spiritual issues or things that are troubling them.

Share your beliefs on Facebook: If you are on Facebook, you can like the My Way to Jesus Facebook page. Then look for the 28 updates in the photo album titled “Biblical Teachings.” Beliefs on video are gradually being posted in the album titled “Personal Testimonies on Video.”

Share the Beliefs videos on your own website: Go to the Did You Know Vimeo Channel and use the Share button in the upper right corner of a specific video to get the embed code or to email it to a friend.

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Jesus 101

Jesus 101 offers a variety of free audio books in English and Spanish that anyone can enjoy from virtually anywhere! These audio books make it easy to enjoy Christ-centered topics while you’re working, cooking, exercising, or on the go! These are also a great resource for those who may be visually impaired. Easily access these audio books on the free Jesus 101 app or visit and click on “Audio Books.”