E-Transfer Instructions
1. Log into your bank account
2. Select the account from which you want to SEND E-TRANSFER
3. Select the AMOUNT to transfer
4. SELECT RECIPIENT – Church name
5. You can ADD it as a Payee so the name is already in your payee list if you plan to do multiple transfers
6. You will then have to enter the EMAIL ADDRESS of the recipient to which you want to send money
7. FILL OUT THE SECTION with a MESSAGE to let the treasurer know how you would like to designate the funds
8. CONTINUE to completing your E-TRANSFER
9. You also have the option to SET UP a (weekly or monthly) RECURRING TRANSFER.
10. PLEASE INDICATE HOW YOU WISH TO DISTRIBUTE YOUR FUNDS e.g Title, Building Fund, Education etc in the MESSAGE/NOTES Section.


NB. Instructions and wording will vary slightly based on the bank the donor uses. For example, TD bank will ask you to enter the email address of the payee twice while RBC requires it only once.
TD bank will show a SEND MONEY option while RBC refers to it as an Interac E-transfer.

Adventist Giving RuthSDA



Please note that during the COVID-19 crisis you are still able to return your tithes and offerings.

I. Adventist Giving allows you to return your tithe and give your offerings online while you do your online banking, are on a long business trip, on vacation, or even if you are unable to attend church due to an illness.

II. E-Transfer

III. Drop-off at church (Wednesday evenings or Saturday Morning)

IV. Mail-in using P.O. Box (information on church bulletin)


Our Mission

Guided by the Bible and the Holy Spirit, we will share the everlasting gospel which calls people to become disciples of Jesus Christ, and be ready for His soon return.

We will accomplish this through Christ centred-like: Living, Communicating, Discipling, Teaching, Healing and Serving

Our Vision

To be a community of loving believers connecting people to Jesus Christ.