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The purpose of the Pathfinders is to bring children ages 10-16 to Christ into a growing, redemptive relationship with Christ and to build pathfinders into responsible, mature individuals who engage in active selfless service. All pathfinder leaders are Christians who work hand in hand with parents, teachers and pastors to provide optimum opportunities for Christian development. The Pathfinder Club is an extension of the home, school and church. It is an experimental laboratory where growth and learning flourish.

Their mission is to cultivate in our youth the spirit of adventure, fun, learning, camaraderie, awareness, awakening, and above all, a spirit of service to God and man.

The Pathfinders meet every 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sabbath after Adventist Youth (AY), as well as every 4th Sunday of the month from 2-4 pm.

Some events that take place during the year are the monthly outreach initiatives, in which the Pathfinders travel downtown to deliver care packages within the community. Among other engaging activities, the Pathfinders also assist with work in other areas of the church.

To join the Pathfinder club prospective members should contact Sis. Georgia Perry and complete the online registration form below.

Georgia Perry
Director, Alpha-Centauri Pathfinders
Phone: 416-277-5889

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Pathfinder Ministry

Pathfindering is built on an age-specific curriculum of six levels: Friend, Companion, Explorer, Ranger, Voyager, and Guide. n addition, there are approximately 250 specialized skill development topics involving arts and crafts, aquatics, nature, household arts, recreation, spiritual development, health and vocational training.

These “honours” as they are called, often serve as a launching pad for lifetime careers and hobbies.

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