Thank God for the opportunity to worship together again!!



We are advising that you observe the following protocols:

I declare that I, and those in my household, do not satisfy any of the following:

… have travelled outside of Ontario in the last 14 days or have come in contact with anyone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

…have any of the following: fever, chills, cough, sore throat, headache, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, new muscle or joint pain, runny nose and/or flu like symptoms.

*If you or anyone in your household answer “YES”, to one or more of these statements, then we ask that you not attend the service in person. Please view from our online services. This notice is also for anyone with underlying health conditions and/or a compromised immune system.*

Please complete your registration by WEDNESDAY MIDNIGHT before the Sabbath you wish to visit.

Please note:

The form below MUST be completed before coming to the church – this is MANDATORY!
Registration is to be done PER FAMILY and not on behalf of friends.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Dear Church family and guests,

due to the increase of COVID-19 cases and regulations from the Peel Public Health Medical Officer, we are limited to the amount of people able to attend service in person.

Please note registration will be cut off at a maximum of 150 people.

Thank you in advance for joining us in worship.

We thank you for joining us and feel free to watch the services via the following:

Here at the Church Website on the front page
YouTube: click for our YouTube page
Facebook click for our Ruth Facebook page

Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe, stay protected, and stay connected to Jesus.

See you soon…Church Administration


Are masks mandatory?

Yes, Masks are mandatory while inside the church building and must be worn upon entry into the building.

I have a medical condition that hinders me from wearing a mask, can I still attend service?

If you have a medical condition that hinders you from wearing a mask, please let us know during the registration process. You are still able to attend service and we will attempt to accommodate you.

Is there a capacity?

At the moment, we are able to accommodate 30% of our capacity which is approximately 186 people. At the moment we will be allowing 100 people to attend service, a combination of members and visitors. Auxiliary rooms and restrooms will also have limited capacity, which will be posted on doors.

Are non-members included?

Yes, we welcome non-members to come and worship with us.

How will you know who is attending service?

There will be an online registration tool on our website. There you will be able to confirm that you are attending service. You will be able to register up to 5 other members along with yourself.

Are children allowed to attend service?

We recommend that children under 12 years old not attend service at this time. If their attendance cannot be avoided, they must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them.

Are seniors allowed to attend service?

We recommend that seniors (persons over the age of 65) not attend service at this time. If they do, we’ll try to accommodate you in an area away from other members. Please remember that  you assume the risk of coming to service.

What if I have an underlying medical condition, can I still attend service in person?

At this time, we recommend that those persons with underlying medical conditions that would deem them high risk for contracting COVID-19 continue to attend service online.

Will you be taking temperatures?

Our nurses on duty will be taking your temperature upon entry into the building. This will be a quick, easy and non-invasive temperature check.

What if I have an elevated temperature?

If you have a temperature 38oC or above, you will not be permitted into the building.

Is there screening being done on site?

In addition to the screening completed during the registration, there will also be a screening done prior to entrance into the sanctuary.

Will my personal information be collected?

Yes, during both the online and in-person registration process, your personal information will be collected.  Information collection is integral to contact tracing and will be forwarded to Public Health in the event of an exposure.

Who will have access to this information? Will it be safe?

Persons doing registration will have access to your information on that day only. Then the church clerk will safely store your personal information and it will not be accessed unless required by a Public Health Agency.

Will there be physical distancing?

Have altered the seating lay out in the sanctuary to adhere to physical distancing. Seats are placed 6ft apart and set up in pairs. Families within the same household are able to sit together in small groups: up to 4 people.

What kind of cleaning will be taking place?

Increased cleaning will be taking place around the building every 2hrs hours. This will include all high touch areas. We will also be doing cleaning before, after and between programs.

Will there be hand sanitizer available?

There will be stations around the building that will have alcohol-based hand sanitizer. But the best way to stop the spread is to use soap and water.

Will I be able to stay after service for fellowship?

We ask that the amount of time spent inside the building to be limited. That means that after service is completed, that you exit the building as soon as possible. You are more than welcome to fellowship in the parking lot, and of course maintaining a safe physical distance.

Now that services are open to the public, will there still be services available online?

Yes. Sabbath school, bible study, prayer meeting and divine service will continue to be provided online.

Our Mission

Guided by the Bible and the Holy Spirit, we will share the everlasting gospel which calls people to become disciples of Jesus Christ, and be ready for His soon return.

We will accomplish this through Christ centred-like: Living, Communicating, Discipling, Teaching, Healing and Serving

Our Vision

To be a community of loving believers connecting people to Jesus Christ.